Love Is A Process

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1 Corinthians teaches us the fruit of the Spirit, and what is most important. 1 Corinthians 13:13 states: “And now these three remain, faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Many Christians use this verse in their wedding. In fact, I used this as the inspiration for my vows.

  • Faith: This helped me to picture myself in John’s arms for the rest of our lives. John was my dream man, and now I was about to marry him! I was terrified, in fact, I was so nervous that I threw up while the matron of honor, John and I were decorating the reception hall. He took me in sickness even before we were married!
  • Hope: Before I met John, and even a little bit while we were dating, I was content to be single for the rest of my life. Hands down, the single best thing is being content without a partner. I had enough of the dating scene, and along with some painful and heartbreaking experiences, it was time for healing. That healing came, and as Jesus began to restore my would 8 years ago, He taught me to have hope in relationship.
  • Love: After dating John for three months, I was committed. The three month mark was the most important turning point in our relationship. I was not interested in dating just to date. I asked myself the hard question: Is John the person I want to marry? I didn’t feel all the butterflies anymore. Our conversations started to turn serious as we began to see each other as partners for life. I slyly mentioned the three month mark: “You know John, guys usually know by 3 months whether or not they want to marry the girl they are dating.” John seemed surprised that I brought this up. Obviously, my comments weren’t sly, but pretty straight to the point. Love comes in many shapes and forms in the American culture, but to God, Iove is sacrifice. Love looks like Jesus, who is the Lamb of God, and sacrificed his own life for mine.

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