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Joy in the uncertainty, it’s a paradox, isn’t it? No doubt, there are good times and bad when we go through relationships, jobs, you name it. Yet, how can joy be available in the dark, uncertain times?

I wish I had an answer for that while I was young. For awhile, McDonalds and cake were pure joy for me. However, as I grew up and became a teenager, life wasn’t so sweet and simple. Bouncing back and forth between homes while living with my Mom and Dad for a week at a time, I couldn’t escape the reality of living in two different worlds. My Dad’s was more strict, and Mom’s was lenient. These worlds collided when I became a Senior in High School and was torn between the two biggest influencers in my life. If you knew my Mom, she would describe me as sensitive and often torn between two big moves.

Transition became difficult. When I was three years old and my parents were divorced, the fair decision implemented by the court was for my sister and I to go to one parents’ home for a week, and then the other for a week. Yet, spending one week at a time with a parent was barely enough to establish boundaries, rules, or a loving relationship. Not to mention, 40 hours of that week was spent with my being at school and their being at work. Throw in high school sports and homework after school, and time spent with my mom and dad at home dwindled down to Saturday and Sunday. Of course, being with friends was seen as a window of opportunity to hang out during the short amount of time we were all in the neighborhood. Inevitably, Monday would come, and I would be back at the other home for a week without seeing the other parent. I’m not asking for a pity party; the voice of the victim can be tempting, but all I know is that I still have a choice to make: Will I forgive the hurt, chaos and turmoil and let the healing take place?

In Galatians 4, Paul reminds his friends of the good times they had together. At one point, Paul fell ill and they took care of him while he was there, they took care of him while he was ill. I can easily imagine what Paul felt when he reunited with the Galatians only to find out that everything they had started to build together was lost. As hurt as Paul must have been, he chose to remember the good times by forgiving them and showing love for the people of Galatia all over again. Forgiveness is a choice, and its’ treatment calms the storm of my soul.


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