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Allat, the moon goddess of Syria

The Bible talks about idols often, but in this culture, the word ‘idol’ is often not in our dictionary. Here’s a short perspective the Bible gives on people worshipping idols:

“They who make idols are like them.”

Psalm 115:8

This passage is referring to the typical idols the Israelites worshipped. According to the Bible Dictionary by Hollman, an idol is a physical or material image representing a reality or being considered divine. Idols were more common for the ancient Hebrews. Even though I do not worship a carved image of a woman representing the deity of fertility or a bronze serpent, a person can be an idol, too. I am not referring to the T.V. show American Idol, but a friend or family member can become an idol

“Wow, that person is so smart! I need their advice”.

“I love their personality! I wish I was more outgoing,” or…

“They are so experienced! I would love to be like them.”

Pretty soon, I wear my hair the same way, eat and drink the same food, and read the same books. In reality, I am becoming them. I worship them. I may not say this often, but that is what is happening.

Isaiah states how devastating idolatry can be in Isaiah 44:9-20. Bruce C. Cresson summarizes the passage like this:

“The idol is made by a workman but is powerless to sustain the workman to complete his task. Further, the idol begins as a leftover piece of a tree from which a person makes a god. He then worships no more than a block of wood.”

The Bible Dictionary

The person that is closest to me, which is my husband, has an unnecessary amount of pressure put onto him when I worship him over God. When he does not help me achieve my goals physically, emotionally, and meet my every need, then life starts to look dim. Feelings of abandon and loss accompany the bitterness which climbs into my heart. Yet, when I bring my goals and desires to Jesus, then the burden comes off of John. I say a burden because he was not made to sustain me. God can empower John to help me; he can be a tool – as long as he goes to God for help! Yet, being both human and God, Jesus is the only one who can sustain me.


Child of God, wife of an amazing husband, Momma, and a wannabe foodie.

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