Day 2: Africa

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The 14 hour flight started to make us feel restless. The lighting is as it was for most of the time.

Our stop in Ethiopia was much needed, as we were free to roam around and use our legs again. With four hours until our next flight to Nairobi, we did just that. Ethiopia’s airport is a basically a large rectangle. We walked around at least 4 times until we decided to have lunch…or was it dinner? Either way, we went to the ATM. After learning that it was out of cash, we walked around the rectangle for about another hour until I decided to ask the woman at the information desk about the ATM machine. The restaurants would take american dollars, but the small amount we brought would have only been enough for maybe one person to eat. After re-directing us to an ATM downstairs, we took our Ethiopian money to a restaurant serving brunch. 

The food was similar to American food. We had sausage, an omelet, and oats (mine had peanut butter on top, of course). The fresh mango and pineapple juice was sweet and delicious. 


The moment we walked out of the humid terminal, the cool mid 70 degree weather and good friends welcomed us into Kenya. As we climbed into their car, Jane and her son Brian asked to take us to lunch.

Lunch was similar to American food; baby back ribs, fries, and chicken wings. Afterwards, we ended up right outside of the Giraffe Manor! While holding a handful of food, giraffes will come up as you feed them!

Giraffe feeding!

Only two days in, and already we have learned so much about one of the most common wild animals. An educator at the giraffe center taught us a lot, including the fact that giraffe’s eat 40 kilos of food per day, which means that they sleep only 5-30 minutes per day because they have to spend the rest of the time eating! Let’s just say, John and I got a little more rest than that last night.


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