Day 6: Africa

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Today was similar to yesterday: Devotional first and then John went to the clinic and I was off to the schools with the little ones. The clinics are doing so well in a number of capacities. The schools are, too. The common good of the people is sought after, and the culture has transformed many people who are sick and needy from the stereotypical outcast to being part of a family. Beacon of Hope has done really well in managing its organizations by finding people who are passionate about working for the good of others; people who have a purpose. Yet, even the best organizations have room to grow, learn, and expand.

At the clinic, John and Mutero brainstormed 5 main solutions to the current challenges Beacon faces. First, eliminate paper. John suggested making templates for patients could drastically save time. Second, the T.V.’s outside of the clinics could be a slideshow of information, which will allow patients to know when special events are happening, like a free eye examination during the week. Third, make reports by training staff in a database program that knows how to write code. Currently, staff in each department tally up all sorts of information about patients for the day, such as how many people they saw who are HIV positive, or how many people that came to the clinic that day. To assist with data recognition, John proposed SQI training, which is a certification that will allow staff to send and receive stats quickly. Fourth, there are a number of care volunteers out in the communities who are gathering important information for clients, but could blood pressure be taken? Finally, engaging patients in care. Developing simple tools to be able to easily request an emergency call, or to see results from their in-home care, will make the experience more personal.

Community Outreach Program truck from a hospital in Kenya to come provide free eye examinations.

Dreams are welcome here. It is often encouraged because it can turn into a reality. One of those dreams has come true: developing friendships with so many people who have welcomed us here in Kenya. Although this is only day 6, relationships deepen on a daily basis. For me, it has been working alongside the teachers. We share stories, and leave that day being closer than when I first arrived that morning. 


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