Masai Mara

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We left Ongata Rongai for the weekend to venture on a Safari. The moment we landed, there were multiple Safari jeeps surrounding the plane. A tall guy with a nice smile named Dennis kindly greeted us and drove us to the hotel. Our hotel is in the heart of Masai Mara, surrounded by wildlife. When we saw our room, which is actually a large tent, it wasn’t long before we saw a hippo and elephant crossing a tiny waterhole about 300 feet away! Small looking deer, which are called Dik Dik, ran underneath our tent, which is elevated up from the ground.

There were instructions on the desk strongly advised refraining from feeding monkeys, otherwise they come into the tent. Besides, a humorous waiter named Julius would say, when we feed the animals, then they become lazy.

After a short break at the tent, the safari began. Dennis, our guide, asked what we would like to see. Of course, we said lions. With a mischievous smile, he said he would try his best. Within a half an hour, his Jeep pulled up right next to a lion and a lioness – a mating pair – with the brother only 100 feet away. I sat in awe as I looked at John, who had a big smile across his face. “Lions, honey. Your dream came true!” Immediately, we snapped at least 50 pictures. Not to mention, we actually saw the two mating pair….well…mate.

“What do you want to see next?” Dennis asked.

“Anything, we trust you to know where to find the animals” We replied.

Dennis sped off, and we ended up seeing a cheetah and her cub, a cougar, a parade of elephants, and lion cubs. Three hours went by in a snap, yet we thank God for the beauty that He created, and to be able to enjoy a part of Africa in its purest form.


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