Day 13: Values

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The day at the Kindergarten began with children singing praises. I love when 30 little kids sing in unison about Jesus. After devotions, John taught math to the 4th graders, and after their lesson, the students asked their teacher if Teacher John could teach another lesson! Their request as granted, and they were ecstatic. John taught fractions, which can be intimidating for any 4th grader, but John said students raised their hands so high that he thought they would fall off their chair! After an engaging lesson and multiple hugs and high fives from the students, John headed to teach a computer class. Before leaving, the students all stood up and said:

Thank you, Teacher John

Humbled, he headed to dissect computers. He felt honored to teach such kind and respectful students.

Over lunch, we met with Jane in her office. She said how touched she was to see how intertwined we were at BOH. We shared stories of our wonderful experiences and discussed the Beacon Of Hope Clinical Technology Report that John and Mutero brainstormed together. Reading the IT opportunities Report was like reading a foreign language.

 I am so incredibly proud of John and how his values line up with those at BOH. 

God’s grace has been upon him in every way. John’s dedication, focus, and ideas are valued by Jane, Mutero, and Dennis. Although we came to BOH to serve, I am blown away by how much of an impact the community has on us. Although our time here is ending in less than a week, we know that our relationships with those at BOH will continue.


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