All Means All

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Three of the para educators shown here no longer serve at Mount Horeb this year.

Why am I so exhausted? It is only the second week of school!

The school year has been abrupt. Mostly, the difficulty lies in keeping and finding paraprofessionals to support students with severe special needs in the classroom. The math is simple: when the number of one-on-one students outnumber the paras, it does not come as a surprise that one of the paras already resigned, and two more have been very close.

The response to all this chaos? Good question. I still wait and wonder what the outcome of all this will be. As a team, we have talked through the issues and how to be flexible with our schedules. The change has been slow, but is that because the issues are urgent? When teachers are being hurt physically, and there is little to no response the following day, then something happens within my heart.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Proverbs 13:12

Kind and encouraging words are like gold to me these days. I can still hear those precious voices from the Kindergartners in Kenya calling out for Teacher.

John caught me not posing with a smile. This picture accurately reflects the frustration I often feel inside.


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