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A word packed full of hope

And purpose. A race.

Proof to

The profound moments that start with a smile;

While getting to know you through

Other school-related means, meaning

How we knew one another before

Is history.

The door for mystery stands with thick

Hinges on these secretive lands.

Pain cries out and tension is thick

Madison, where brick by brick, teachers

School Black, Brown and White bodies

Intentions may be good – wasn’t

Meant to hurt nobody.

Sharpened pencils are the least of these kids’ worries when guns are packed with


Madison, Oh Madison. You started with

A crown;

A frown I could not make

Growing up in the capital of this state.

Your crown fell years ago.

Disappointed to see the fractures of systemic

Racism could create such an earthquake.

Make no mistake from the city in which I


Madison, built on Indian Mounds where

Runners take mental breaks

Someone else was supposed to clean you up and make you like a dream for all to see!

Instead, creating fear where people have

nothing to be but nice.

No one knows how to just be;

Restless bodies create an enemy of trust.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Lust for change is tamed;

Hope is in the reframing

A friendship gained.


Child of God, wife of an amazing husband, Momma, and a wannabe foodie.

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  1. Diane Lamia says:

    Had no idea you were a great poet rooted in truth and history, dear friend! Write more!
    Merry Christmas
    Love ya! Diane

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