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Cloaked in fear and ignorance

Brought before the eyes of the

Seemingly innocent.

Illness in the body

Gripping the heart in a cloak


Medicines bandage the wounds

But the wounds remain

Sifting in pain

There has to be a cure

A reason for the core issue of

This problem

Do not fear

Do not fear

Do not fear

The spoken word

Mentioned hundreds of

Times in the Word of God.

The cure for fear must be peace

But also wisdom and


Tell me the issue.
Competitive twists come out

Of the abyss when life

With one another has a dog,

Cat and kid.

Shaking heads at quietness

Talks about whose plight is


Undercuts intelligents ideas

For the sake of winning at

Whose Life Is The Hardest

Weighed down by the

Weight of the world.

Stop to mingle like we

Early year weds eatin’


Can’t stop won’t stop till we


A cork; celebrating with champagne

In this mundane life

It’s not a Game.

No one wins in this man vs. woman


Whose suffering is greater?

Can’t be measured.

The one who is Judge weighs the scales.

Stop living life like you in


Hold onto hope.


Child of God, wife of an amazing husband, Momma, and a wannabe foodie.

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  1. Diane Lamia says:

    This one’s deep!!!…We need to talk!!!

    Love you friend!

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