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LORD, hear my cry

The roots You planted deep

In my heart are being pulled

And tangled up with weeds

The seeds of joy are

Experiencing tumultuous


Jesus the true vine

Shows up

Takes no time

“Quiet, be still!”

The wind dies down

Rays of sunlight beam

In my heart

This temple God says

Is HIs

Do not let bitterness take

Root but bury me with

Your joy and love

Weeds try to twist and


The body aches and

Cries as it sees only

Demise. How could Jesus

Have died? The movement

Is gone – as quick as a

Magic trick as time keeps

Tick…Tick…Ticking into

An open sea of doubt

Where are the fish?!

Does it matter that I even

Eat? Jesus walked on

This water

Inviting me to believe

That supernatural experience

Became my testimony

The water reached my knees

As I started to sink

Help me, Jesus

Utterances of the fear

That doubts Jesus’ love

And faith every day

Is that how my friends

See me?

Peter, the man who started to sink.

Peter, the overzealous betrayer.

Peter, who couldn’t stick it out

To the end.

Peter, the failure.

Then Jesus appears

Alive and very well.

Let your love for me be

An act of service to the poor, needy and those

Who need to be free

You’ll have my spirit

And will always be with me.

Lead God’s children that

They may not go astray

Peter, was reinstated on

That very day.

To be honest, shaking off the old self talk of not being good enough is no easy feat; I have years worth of junk to replace with what God wants to turn for His good.

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Before looking up the meaning of the word enough, enough felt more or less like I was doing okay. Maybe a C average for a grade in life. Yet, when we look at the Hebrew words, they are way more telling than our English meanings.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the word ‘enough’ as:

1) As much as is necessary. 

2) As much as or more than is wanted. Example: I’ve had enough of your excuses!

‘enough’ in Hebrew: 

1) Much 

2) Many 

3) Great

4) Abounding in.

5) Captain

6) Chief

“I am enough as a Mom” Could sound like….

“I am doing GREAT as a Mom”

“I am enough.” Could be replaced with

“I am a CHIEF!

The pain of not being enough, according to the worlds standards, is no longer my identity. There is no pattern or rhyme to the beautiful truth of how God sees you and me, as enough.


Child of God, wife of an amazing husband, Momma, and a wannabe foodie.

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  1. Diane Lamia says:

    Love these reflexion! I needed the reminder, dear friend!

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