Nicole Triscari

Child of God, wife of an amazing husband, Momma, and a wannabe foodie.

The Adoption Journey

Adoption Eight years ago, when John and I were engaged, we talked about growing our family. Foster care and adoption were often on the table. John’s parents were both Pharmacists, and his Mom, who worked in the NICU, often brought home stories of babies whose parents would leave them at the hospital. This motivated him to want to do something….

Power is Nothing Without My Sisters

Recently, John and I watched Hocus Pocus 2. As I watched, I remembered my two dear friends who lived up the street from my Dad’s house growing up. These girls were my best friends. We acted in plays together, danced in talent shows, and created songs just for our trio to sing on the top of our lungs while riding our bikes…

Africa Reflections

This is a reflection of the time spent in Africa. My heart goes out to all the teachers who are preparing for the end of another difficult year. Students sat in pairs. The 8th grade class responded with every prompt the teacher gave. While the teacher taught about metrics and conversion, students willingly participated and listened.  One student raised his…


Idolization, addiction, and toxicity have been a few of my least favorite words this past week as I dove into Scripture, sermons and books. A big question faces me as I reflected on my studies:  “Are you escaping into _________? “ The escape, at times, has been food, marriage, and alcohol; that once-in-awhile habit easily tried to take up space in the…

Lay it All Down

Earlier this week, my husband and I sat down as a social worker asked us questions about our personal lives, marriage, and family histories. This was the second interview for required for our home study, which is part of the adoption process, but answering some of these questions unexpectedly brought up painful memories. The social worker asked specifically about a…

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