Nicole Triscari

Child of God, wife of an amazing husband, Momma, and a wannabe foodie.


Depression is a serious matter. Once in awhile, my tears remind me that I’m not here for my purpose, but for God’s. Yet, my mind is a battlefield of mines. I’m trying to not step on them. “You’re worthless. You’re just another knot on his belt…another accomplishment.” The evidence for this? None. These are the consequences from my past experiences….

All Means All

Why am I so exhausted? It is only the second week of school! The school year has been abrupt. Mostly, the difficulty lies in keeping and finding paraprofessionals to support students with severe special needs in the classroom. The math is simple: when the number of one-on-one students outnumber the paras, it does not come as a surprise that one…

Transformative Love

Recently, some dear friends indulged me in conversation about love, romance and marriage. For these women, once they have children, their husbands no longer call to ask how they are doing. Their children are at the center. Oh, and they do have children. In their culture, bearing children is practically a requirement. Before children, (B.C.) she spent the majority of…